Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Last

Wilson spent
His last day working on the engineering network
His last hour putting together a fantasy football team
His last minute instant messaging on the Web
His last second eating a donut

Wilson spent
The last day
The last hour
The last minute
The last second
Thinking there was more time to spend than there was

Now everyone in the office talks in whispers
Faced for a few searing moments
With the unrelenting fierceness of life
And of its eventual absence

Bewildered by an authority greater than their own
That can remove someone from occupation and friends
Without asking permission
And never bring them back

And everyone in the office dolefully reflects
In those few searing moments
That eventually – too soon –
This unrelenting authority will seize them as well

And they will helplessly repeat
The last day
The last hour
The last minute
The last second
Wilson spent


  1. I guess the lesson would be to live the moment or day as if it may be the last. To do what we know we are required to do. No worry about approval or validation but once in touch with the Heart, LET IT LEAD. That alone brings Peace and Joy. To live truthfully and simply, then when the last moment arrives we are FEELING good! What a way to go on, huh?

    I feel good ... do do do do,.. do do do do do... I feel good! I knew that I would now...So good * * Oh Yeah! Alright!

  2. good...we got you! Sing it Suz!

  3. Just imagine if the Truth is;
    where ever you are in that last second
    is where you will spend eternity.
    I think I'll try to stay in the Heart,
    ya know just in case ;-)

    Boy makes one want to 'straighten up and fly right' -> IN

    !! little baby ducks with their momma outside my window.
    I broke the rules and feed them eariler---> STUPID rule i thought
    Then i saw the shat on my patio...

  4. Geeze CD, guess that donut is the last supper huh? (kinda cool it has a portal in the center...hmmmmmm) ;)

  5. Oh count....

    Make sure it's a vanilla donut.
    Portals everywhere....
    Makes the mouth water, huh?
    Shannon did it... She is spreading the vanilla Love.
    Isn't she great?!