Wednesday, August 26, 2009



The distant stars speed through space,

Yet appear unmoving to our eyes.

Their seemingly constant orientation

Reflecting infinite patterns of cosmic meaning

Into our tiny, vast human experience.

The grand work of the Universe thus proceeds

Unceasingly, unerringly, patiently.

Each increment of the soul's spectrum

Being allowed its gradual growth into fullness,

What was known transforming into unknown -

What was unknown into known.

Oh Peace! Oh Heaven!

Let me trust the Great Unfolding

As it courses through this life!

Let me trust the Great Love holding,

As a dear and beloved angel,

My little light.


  1. I feel deeply, every heart we touch and commune with opens a Sacred Space for Love to pour through; some are naturally vast, gifted with deep gratefulness, abundant joy, miraculous wonderment and inspiration that opens our awareness where our vision expands beyond the stars. Then there are the everyday encounters where our eyes meet in a brief twinkling of recognition of our shared Being. Each and every one a portal for love, for our tiny light to grow and grow...all that retching in the last post is the poison selfishness that we require puking up so that our heart remains open to ALL, which is our purpose here beneath the stars huh?

    Shine on CD, we appreciate your giving heart.

  2. Count something really wonderful is happening to ...
    I can feel it...
    Thank You for sharing it...It means so much to receive
    You Light through you beautiful Heart Felt writing...