Monday, August 24, 2009

Beneath the Waves

Beneath the Waves

Let me drift
Beneath the clamoring, clattering waves,
Beneath the shouts and shocks of superficial surface
To the cool green below
The mysteriously comforting depth
The tranquil truth, the reassuring reality, the solicitous solitude
Let me sink, fall and dissolve
Into the peaceful particles at the bottom
Secluded from the turbulence above, engulfed by loving liquid arms
Let me be a gentle ripple
Within the vast, mesmerizing current of cool, calm consciousness
A ripple known and loved by the Great Water
Infinitely small, yet possessed and protected by what is
Beyond all measure and limit

In my peace, in my sanctuary of serene, embracing hope
I shall think of you my friend
You whose disparate though unified particles
Mingle with my own
Whose similar ripple
Passes through my own
Whose cherished aspect
Resonates with my own
You who are so intimately familiar
As to no longer be considered completely distinct
I shall look to your mirror
And wonder in awe at the miracle
Of Boundless Love
In the Great Water


  1. ~`~`~`~`~`~<3~`~`~`~`~`~

  2. The greatest Love poem of All times!!!
    Ya got into the vanilla didn't ya?
    Takes the breath away...Count