Sunday, January 11, 2009

Letting Go

Letting Go

It was dusk and the sky ignited above the bridge like a flaming peacock tail. The man stared wistfully at it from the rail.

“I don’t know where I am,” he said quietly.

“No,” agreed the clown. “And this is progress! Not long ago you thought you knew for sure.”

“I didn’t know I would wind up on this bridge.”

“No one ever does.”

From far away arose the faint sound of shuffling footsteps - people moving hesitantly as though unsure of their footing. The sound grew slowly louder as step by faltering step they inched nearer to the bridge upon which the man and the clown waited.

At a distance, the peculiar movements of these approaching people were difficult to make out. But gradually, as they came more and more into view, they seemed almost to participate in an amazing dance. For they walked back foremost, unaware and careless of the forward direction, with steps unsure and novel.

And as these strange dancers moved along backwards, they swung their arms out as though casting unseen objects away.

“How will they manage to find the bridge in this way?” asked the man.

“They are walking away, not toward,” the clown answered. “Away from what they have known. Away from what they have been. And yet their steps lead directly to this place.”

“But what are they throwing with their hands?”

“God knows. They are letting go, letting go, letting go.”

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  1. That it THATS IT! I must let go. All this stuff for gargbage piles and grandparents house this stuff ifs making me sick. Mnausia yuk. i want to live my life out watching clouds and spiders and birds I so love the birds. they were my first friends and counsil. i want to wander aimlessley to the water then back to the tree. God i can make it happen but i must let go. is that wahat this new sickness is about? helping leading me to let go of the pressure this rental the routines. Live in my aunts barn hang the magnificent chimes. Watch clouds go by. Last night or eearly morn i looked upon full moon i said tell me. then trealized the clouds fornmed a perfect tick over the moon. they were only freckle size. Little shits. got em right off within days. I hope i post from the barn in august then we shall celebrate.
    no one will likely read thids far back so long as you keep generating that awesome real heart stuff. i dont know why i am writing here like this just make s me feel better. mb say GET better at feeling. I rentsed sad moves few days ago after my visit to the er. got to cry some . i amnot a movie watcher but i need to cry and cry and cry.I guess writing here is a form of realease. I know you would undestand but it seems you have and easier time crying lucky you
    I should go visit my friend Julia she can make grown men ccry. ;-)