Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Touching God

Touching God

"Satan" is what happens to energy that can't find its way back to God. Ungrounded mental energy that can't feel its way to the source, that has lost awareness of being part of something more, something whole - is "evil," meaning separate.

It is lost, and not being able to touch the God it loves and must have, it conjures up images of what it manages to recall and worships these instead. They emerge as abstractions, thoughts, concepts, machines . . .

God must be experienced and touched, if not in reality then in distorted imagination. Life cannot bear to be apart from itself.

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  1. The thing is wonce we experience god there is a longigng oto give up this life and merge with the divine. I have been teetering on two realities. Near death i promised my self i'd life powerfully and playfully. Last night again confusion weakness. Shoul d i go the the hopsital.no its ba little better. Wanting to save myself and wanting to die to self. Today i will visit doc. Three goddamn ticks on my last canmp out shit. life cannot bear to be apart from itself. yes you are right. I was told "this is required" I am not afraid but nothing feels the same like a snake sheding skin I feel somewhat disoriented and blingd. You are such and inspiration to me. I hope you keep going as long as you live. I will too. Pretty sure.
    Thank you nesia you are ablessed soul and you demon side is so perfect too. i just cant see or feel it but if you say it is there i sure it is. Silly boy!
    Stay enlightened m or not but do keeep in touch.

    yo frien,
    stray cat