Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shamans of 2011

As 2010 winds to a close, questions abound as to what to expect in 2011. Will the economy rebound or regress? What new toys will technology produce? How will the senseless push-me/pull-you of the political arena grandstand, etc.? All of these considerations presume that people will stay the same as they were – another year older but otherwise unchanged.

The ego dominated mentality that imagines Democrats have a better plan than Republicans (or vice-versa), that believes technology can fix the planetary crises caused by technology, that gets excited over making money in the stock market when people everywhere are suffering hunger, murder, destitution, persecution and injustice at the hands of other humans – this mentality expects to continue just as it was into the New Year.

And for many it will. There is a lot of inertia behind the image humanity has created of itself for itself, both individually and collectively. People who have invested energy into believing the truth is “X” are not likely to suddenly decide it is “Y.” Since belief presupposes a state of unknowing, they have only dogmatized ideas about what truth might be, and identify with these fiercely. To lose such ideas is equivalent to losing themselves as egos.

But 2011, it appears, is introducing a new dynamic into the human process: choice. It seems the Awakening has progressed far enough that (for some) the ego’s dominance is beginning to slip and become dislodged. When that happens, the ego can be perceived not as THE Self, but rather as a tool of the Self – a tool that can be set aside.

With this realization there arises the possibility of choosing a perspective that is not egocentric and mental, but rather heart-based. In times past such a choice might have seemed spiritually motivated, the “enlightened” path of bliss and feeling good. But in the days to come practical considerations will take increasing precedence, as enlightenment becomes a matter not of preference but of survival in the New Age, or New Jerusalem.

Like those prehistoric fish that grew lungs and stubby feet in order to emerge on dry land from evaporating Paleolithic lakes, people who learn to live from the heart will be able to successfully breathe and navigate in a world in which the ego-mentality is collapsing catastrophically upon itself and radiating toxic destruction all around.

2011 carries within itself the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, representing the complete manifestation of spiritual activation into the physical realm. Even now, a balance point is detectable that heralds the actuality of choice on a widespread scale. As that choice is made, many will find that they can discern between the ego as a tool, and the Self using that tool - and they will elect to live in the Deep.

Functioning from the heart-Self, a new field of vision opens to which the ego is completely blind and oblivious. This is the world as seen from a shamanic point of view, in which the immensity of life is felt and one’s connection and place in the greater consciousness perceived more clearly.

The heart is fearless and wise. It looks without flinching and understands deeply. It feels the wounds of our planet and her people, and longs to heal them.

This is the wondrous path into which 2011 is calling those prepared to choose the heart:

To stop living for the blind personal interests of the ego,
and live instead for the All.

To heal Mother Earth and transform this planet
into the Paradise it was meant to be.

To step into their true Selves as shamanic servants.


  1. ALL ONE Love, Heart, Soul, Life.

    True Sacred calling, thanks for sharing.

  2. "Shamanic Servants" has quite a ring to it, thank you for sharing your vision for this time. I too feel the Heart beckoning to me to come down from my lonely tower to Her space of Compassion and LOve...