Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas Present

While I slept a gift was given – an unusual necklace was slipped around my neck.

The necklace was not elegant like fashion jewelry, but simple and primitive. It consisted of perhaps eight green roughhewn beads strung on a vine-like cord. Dangling from the center of the cord, spaced between the beads, was a large brown seed that looked something like a peach pit.

I felt the necklace more than saw it, for it hung directly over my heart chakra and radiated its fierce energy within. A voice whispered that the seed had come from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the original Garden of Eden.

With this necklace around my neck, the hard situations and conflicted relationships of my life were presented one by one for consideration. And the perturbations of these, the disturbances that had always before seemed so impossible of resolution, dissipated like clouds into nothingness.

In their place, a sense of trust in ultimate goodness unfolded, a confidence that all was well and could only ever be so.

The necklace revealed what had been hidden from my man’s mind, allowing the feeling heart to perceive those deeper patterns and connections by which life is sustained and nourished.

With it on, I felt my path had become illumined and my next step sure. I felt relieved of concern about outcomes and expectations.

I felt alert, attentive, open, loving and present.

Ultimately the present . . . was the Present.

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  1. Heres to the simple seed of unconditional Love
    being powerfully present in the Heart of all matters...
    What a necklace. :)