Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Compassion

~ A Christmas Eve Dream ~

A terrorist had snuck into the USA and killed people. She was caught and put on public display in the marketplace. Passers-by would hurl both sharp words and sharp objects at her, expressing complete contempt. It seemed certain she would soon be destroyed by their intense hatred.

Yet even while this was happening another spirit began to arise - compassion for the terrorist. Compassion not only in spite of the evil she had done, but actually because of it. Conscience awakened in some who had suffered from the terrorism, and they perceived the part they had played in allowing evil to stalk not only their streets, but their own hearts as well.

They saw that active compassion was not only the "right" course of action moralistically and spiritually, but the rational response as well - the only possible way to end the ancient cycle of evil begetting more evil.

Such compassion was no mere insipid sentimentality, but an incredibly potent power that penetrated those who embraced it, kindling a fiery furnace of force. It decimated the darkness of self-protective fear and destroyed the weakness of self-indulgent vindictiveness.

Those who felt this compassion grew from few to many, encircling the globe with the ferocity of their determination to herald a New World premised on authenticity of heart and integrity of mind.

Then the image of the Savior appeared to their humbled gaze, He who in ultimate compassion was born into this world and died to bring about its complete transformation and renewal.

And they understood that the vision of compassion was given from above to be implemented here below, and that they were not alone in the daunting task of rising above human ignorance and darkness.

The Lord walks with them, and Victory is at hand.

Glory be to God for the birth of the Way, the Truth and the Light!


  1. So powerfully beautiful and trancsendent, what a gift. In One Spirit overall in all through all... "Kala Xristouyenna" Dennis!

  2. Wonderful vision Dennis! Compassion and forgiveness is the only way out of the darkness and into the Light...

  3. Beautiful and powerful! Reminds me of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet.