Saturday, November 13, 2010


“There is none good but one, that is God” (Mark 10:18).

Only God is good, and therefore completely trustworthy, as Jesus says. And yet, we seek ways to trust our fellow human sojourners on this earth.

Life is uncertain, so who can claim such a grip on principle or intent as to never vary from a prescribed course?

Or, if someone could do so, would this really be beneficial and healthy? Do we truly understand the needs of the soul well enough to dictate from a legalistic point of view which experiences should be permitted and which ones denied?

No living thing is wholly predictable – variations in form and behavior are intrinsic to being. Who can know for certain how anyone will react to every possible situation or stimulus? We may conceptually decide what will constitute the “best” or most acceptable response, but this formulation is based on conscious deliberation.

Our unconscious will also have a voice and vote in the matter, and it is quite capable of bringing elements into our experience that were totally unexpected, unpremeditated, and in fact beyond anything we could have anticipated or deemed remotely possible.

Mistrust is based on a failure to appreciate another person’s psychic process, which is a combination of conscious and unconscious contents and their out-workings. It is a misapprehension of the vast range that this dynamic must traverse over a lifespan in order to fulfill its purpose, which is to totally comprehend itself and then transform into what is beyond that.

The person who always stays on a flat trajectory, on an apparently stable and unyielding emotional/mental plane, is a person who never grows and matures beyond spiritual adolescence.

Trust of others is ultimately a choice we make within, in which the object of such trust is somewhat irrelevant. Evaluations from the mind magnify ambiguity and produce problematic conclusions. Heart-based evaluations however, illuminate the character of that which is under consideration and enable judgments based not on subjective historical data but energetic traits.

If from the heart we say “I trust you,” it should not mean we expect to never be disappointed, frustrated or upset by someone. It should mean that we embrace that person’s process with all its inherent uncertainty and unpredictability, and that we are prepared to willingly suffer their pain as our own when shadows loom, as they invariably will.

A compassionate soul feels that those who have hurt us, betrayed us, abandoned us, and broken our hearts were only piecing together a necessary and unavoidable destiny – for themselves and us as well.

Rather than trusting them less, we could decide to trust them more - since suffering with them and through them enables us to see more clearly the height and depth of their difficult path – and our own.

From a point of greater soul maturity we may perceive more clearly what lessons have been on our plates,

And what extremities we all must undergo on our vast trek

. . . to the stars.


  1. Sweet offering to wake up to this morning Dennis, thank you!
    Yes Trust that's what I feel this life is all about for me, although I see it less as learning to trust "others" and more seeing that we are all One and all I'm being asked to Trust is mySelf to create people and situations that are perfect in every moment for my healing and integration...and in so doing perhaps Trust that the multiverse is indeed friendly..and even deeper- that God/dess is warm and alive within as Love, right Now.

  2. “There is none good but one, that is God” (Mark 10:18). Deeply appreciate the insight within this post. When our Heart is rooted steadfast first and foremost on God as Supreme Creator the one incomprehensible Power, consciousness flowing in ways and dimensions beyond our mental contructs, we grow in honor and non-judgemental reverance for all that requires illumination in deep psychic awareness within what we call the subconscious and beyond. The initial turning inward, basically feeling like it's the having to trudge through our sludge, arduously going through hell, suffering death experiences seemingly alone, is transformed into perceiving all as divine blessings of ultimate comfort and joy, in-lightenment. Resistence becomes the grateful flowing response of being profoundly empathic, we realize a depth of oneness, like what Jesus described as carrying our burdens, the yoke becomes light. Knowing the light of consciousness carry's our mutual burdens to integration, we lighten up. When we trust what we first encounterd as our 'own' inner journey, it deepens and we perceive the under ground roots that connect all and are able to discern the energatic ties that bind in distortion the awareness of our true essence. What may appear as seperation while we skim the surface physically, mentally and emotionally transfixed, like you share, in actuality is a blessed suffering 'with' and 'through'. We 'undergo' and trust all inner workings are continually illuminating the height, depth and breadth of 'One Soul'. Love this post, thank you for sharing.