Saturday, November 6, 2010

The New Jerusalem

It is a matter of survival in the New Jerusalem to live by the heart. There are no other lights but love lights, of which the mind of man knows nothing. This is why heaven seems invisible from earth: only the eye of the heart can see it.

Only this eye can discern the times and the seasons, and navigate the rough waters of this world’s collapsing Old Order.

The eye of the heart sees deeply and understands. It fathoms the craving for radical intimacy in human connections, and comprehends the immutable necessity underlying the multiplexed stories of an eternity of broken souls.

And yet we run from the brutal challenge of this truth, to comfortable lies told by unconscious folk who are just biding their time. We claim to want love, but seek where it is convenient and no hurt is permitted to disturb our slumber.

The heart does not live in this sterile place. It does not flee from life's persistent pain because it looks beyond this moment’s Cross to God’s final Resurrection.

We ask for a guidance that evades us, for the mind of man never knows what to believe. But the heart grasps an answer before its question is uttered. It senses life’s continuum, the movement of beginnings into endings into beginnings.

The heart is not dismayed at the ceaseless cycle of death and rebirth, of integration and disintegration.

For it seeks above all the loving Presence of a divine Superior, valuing His will more than its own apparent freedom.

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  1. Thank you for channeling the Heart so beautifully Dennis!