Friday, November 12, 2010

Growing Up

The psychic body shivers, sensing what it is being called to: the awakening of the heart, opening like a sprouted seed into the brilliant light of reality.

This seed has been nurtured in Mother's embrace, focused on becoming.  Now it breaks through the surface, transitioning from the realm of earth and water to that of of fire and air.  No longer is it merely a potential, but suddenly an actuality.  The pattern of its inner design comes into visible manifestation. 

With this change in state comes a change in function. The heart must relate to what is beyond itself, yet not for itself.  It opens compassionately to others, while also experiencing more clearly than ever the solitary nature of Being.

Approaching Love eternal, the heart is called to release those personal loves which have been its preoccupation in times past.

Immense gain and immeasurable loss are tasted together in one blissfully bitter swallow. An excruciating joy mixes with an equally excruciating sorrow as the truth of Love comes into view, a love that cannot be possessed as “mine.”

One's life story, with all its emotional investments and implications, becomes dislodged from the arena of false importance, like a rope ladder falling away from the Mother Ship as it nudges out of orbit around this paltry earth.

The awakening heart begins to perceive itself as but a part, a fraction, a cell within a much greater enterprise whose self-identity is likewise surrendered to an even greater whole, and it understands that none of these cells ever had any more exalted function than to serve.

We are departing from the childhood of self-absorption, of belief in a life centered around ego-goals and private aspirations.

We are growing up . . . at last.

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  1. 'Mother' lode in the Heart, Being GodUs till full...
    thanks for all the transmissions from Inner Space Dennis, deeply appreciated.