Sunday, September 13, 2009

Past, Present, Future

The present doesn’t connect with the past anymore. Nor the future. The trajectory between them has been broken, aborted. The future can’t reach the past through the present.

When the polarities of past and future are trying unsuccessfully to connect with each other via the present, the experience of living becomes hellish, a nightmare of dashed hopes and dreams from which one desires escape at any cost.

The message gets presented in a way that can’t be side-stepped: acutely painful life circumstances in which no resolution seems likely. Even holding out hope represents another return to the vain and frustrating search for a connection that has disappeared.

This is experienced as a profound discontinuity. Of course, “future” and “past” are only thought forms, but emotional energy is bound to them. And when this energy cannot flow from one side to the other – it sits within bodily cells churning and uncomfortable.

But release, if it can be called that, is possible, and comes from consciously accepting the complete uncertainty of continual change. It comes from relinquishing both past and future and abiding NOW in the presence of The Unknowable.

This present moment is one’s only safe place – the only place where actual peace can occur. And from this place it is possible to get a clearer perspective on the history of the past and expectation of the future – to view these from a point of detachment free from emotional energy.

This severing of past and future could be represented by the Tarot Tower key, in which a lightning bolt knocks the inhabitants out of their realm in the airy mental regions and dashes them to the ground of acceptance.

The intensity of the shock leads to surrender- when past and future can no longer connect, the heart has no alternative but to embrace the present as its only reality.

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  1. Oh yeah, that tower shaking us awake, dismantling everything artificial, false-to-fact, or conditioned within our nature. It's the symbol for the Universal principles of healing, renovation and restoration...
    "It comes from relinquishing both past and future and abiding NOW in the presence of
    The Unknowable."

    "whole lotta shakin' goin' let go one time"

    You Rock The House!