Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Broken Selves

We go through life searching for the fragments of our broken selves. Those pieces are within us all along, but we do not know it.

Instead, they seem to be in the possession of others whom we must find. Destiny leads us to the people holding our missing fragments.

When such a one is discovered, our impulse is to claim that person. He or she seems precious as a jewel, a reflection of what we most desire.

But wholeness comes from discerning that it is not someone else we must claim, but our own selves. That sliver they seem to hold, and the power over us that it represents, needs to return.

This is a key not only to our freedom, but to the sliver-bearer's as well. Reclaiming our power is a gift both to ourselves and to the one who has borne the burden (though involuntarily or even unconsciously) of our unmet need.

When our power returns and is amalgamated with its source within, rest and peace can become realities.

We are then able to hold the restored globe of our lives calmly, and consider its manifest possibilities with the full attention of an undivided and undiluted self.

We cannot realistically serve the world at large until we have served the world within,

by uniting its disparate fragments into a unified and coherent whole.


  1. Dennis,

    Such a truthful and insightful post.

    It is so easy to allow a healthy, natural and mutual interdependence slip into neediness, with all its unreasonable expectations.

    But "the kingdom of heaven is within"--that is what we have to build on and share with others.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes, beautiful post. What a precious gift they bear. It can be kinda like working with crazy glue...putting the pieces back together is an art form, and sometimes they get stuck to your fingers...till they rest in your heart.

    "We cannot realistically serve the world at large until we have served the world within"

    Thank You for all you bring us.