Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still Coming Down the Road

 I wasn't sure I'd be coming back to this blog. After all, it was all about preparing for 2012, and then 2012 started to happen and I didn't know what was really happening. I didn't know what was going on in the world or in me, except that all of it was swirling rapidly and debris was flying off in every direction.

 I also felt I knew nothing and therefore had nothing to say. I was speechless and in shock and suffering from feelings that arose like ghosts from the woodwork of my constructed story with its manifold cracks and crevices in which the forsaken spirits of my seemingly regrettable past and fearful future hid.

What made any of that change enough that I could return now and offer a few hesitant words? 

An urgency arose to strive harder to step beyond my boundaries and to dig further into the little acre of psychic space that is mine to work with and play in, and offer what comes up to speculative consideration once more.

We'll see what becomes of the effort . . .

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  1. YES! You're IN. Sweet! Catch ya on the Current Count.
    Big smile on this face!