Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Skeletons in the Closet

There is a sense that skeletons are walking out of their closets everywhere you look. The unresolved issues, inequities and inequalities upon which a seemingly workable structure of society has been built, are being called into question.

All over the world there are stirrings of this evident on the geo-political level. The Arab Spring has now spread to the shores of the USA with Occupy Wall Street. People long for truth, authenticity, fairness, honesty, and there is a growing will to demand these things.

But demand them of whom?

A sincere questioner may have to acknowledge a grisly fact: he or she has internal skeletons needing to come out of their closets - bones whose restless sighing whisper of souls kept in the chains of our attachment and possession, whose freedom has been long denied.

However immense those cultural skeletons may be, the ones within are even more fierce and powerful, for it is from these that the others derive their collective existence.

It is far easier to point to the supposed evil of Wall Street and foreign tyranny than to acknowledge one’s own complicity in creating a world in which selfishness and self-interest is the dominating Modus Operandi.

These times are calling for renewal and refreshment, for the final burying of the undead and the subsequent freeing of those bound under tyrannical slavery.  While we rightfully labor in the world to do this, let us not neglect to expose our own skeletons so that all may rest in peace.


  1. I'm gonna put mine on e bay.
    Starting bid, a nickel.
    missed you

  2. I dig it, Count!
    Maybe bury it too?

    Thank you! :)

  3. Yeah!... dive into the depths of the egoic mind's subconscious with the Light of Truth...shake, rattle & roll them bones of death consciousness! lol

    Be cause, Light dispells the illusion of darkness which realizes it isn't really there at all, Amen. :)