Monday, October 11, 2010

Ego Waffles

Corporations and governments are amplifications on the collective scale of the ego’s relentless drive for anything that will bolster its sense of power and security. In the business world, everything is based on the “bottom line,” namely profit, and that which will enhance profit, namely growth.

This model is not about getting what is needed, but about getting more than what is needed. It is based on competition and success at the cost of failure for any competing entity.

The question might be asked, but isn’t this how nature operates? Animals kill one another (or plants) to survive.

Yes, but they only kill what is needed for that moment. They do not take more than they can eat. They do not acquire at the expense of other creatures, nor deny fellow animals the right to also feed.

The ego is clever, but not wise. It always posits its own well-being as the “greater good” and has no comprehension of itself as a part of some larger and more compelling entity.

Therefore the world is inundated by egoic “pretenders to the throne,” would-be kings who would gladly enforce their own particular reign of personal preference, which of course creates conflict with others.

The last 3500 or so years of mankind’s existence, the “historical” epoch, might accurately be called the time of the ego, for record-keeping as such is an egoic activity and not necessary within a whole organism where full communication between all parts is operative.

This last point may shed some light on why the Mayan calendar ends in 2011/2012.


  1. Thanks for posting this Dennis! I feel it's time now for us to surrender to the heart to reground us and rule with the aspects of our true nature with is love and compassion for all, of which the ego knows nothing. The time/epoch of ego- based civilization is past and a new world awaits...

  2. Leggo my ego! :)

    'formi' lol
    'logicalo' too funny!