Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ego Comfort

It is not at all comfortable to be an ego, and so elaborate mechanisms are created to mitigate the irritation of existing. The ego is highly motivated to seek comfort, and proficient at using mental processes to achieve this.

By withdrawing perspective into “the head,” the emotional and physical traumas lodged in the body and psyche can be tuned out to a large degree. What is too painful to simply ignore may be desensitized through suppression and sedation.

It is contrary to the deepest orientation of the Self to be protective, enclosed within a shell of secreted boundaries. Yet the immature heart needs a defense against the encroachments of the world as it learns to navigate this chaotic realm.

As a result the ego is called upon to buffer, like a shock-absorber, the disturbances of daily life. But typically the "servant" usurps its master’s throne, and the tool assumes itself to be the carpenter. Before long, the only conscious reality is that which the ego posits, and this is imperfect at best.

The ego is incapable of being farsighted and wise, and may court the very disaster it should avoid. It lacks insight into its own nature, and cannot voluntarily release control of the life it is supposed to guard.

Therefore the Self must emerge, radiating Presence through the heart, and assume its rightful place. The ego detects this unfolding, and gradually begins to release its death grip on the individual’s life process.

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  1. The funny thing is that the ego is a stumbling block in that it is made unable to comprehend nor contain the majesty of what we actually are. In it's implanted insecurity and mental judgement it clings to thinking it must be a know it all, when the truth is we store within every cell and fiber of our being all that is, ever was and will be...so we are in fact ALL knowing... we have been purposelessly distracted and for gotten.

    As always, thanks for sharing D.