Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Radix Integra

The painting was intended to reflect my own psychic state, the intense desire to find spiritual balance and wholeness.

It named itself. One morning while I was brushing my teeth the words "Radix Integra" came to mind.

Having no idea what this meant, I searched on the Internet. Google returned five entries, only one of which was in English.

This term was from a mansuscript on Hindu-Arab mathematics dating from ca 835 by al-khwarizmi, and means "the perfect square root of a number." 

There is only one number whose perfect square root equals the original number, and that is one.

Then I looked up the individual words. Radix is from Latin and means root or source. It is linked to life-force, Chi and Prana.

Integra is from Greek and means whole or undivided.

Radix Integra, the whole and undivided source of life


  1. ...and You are of It...hey me too!!!

    Hhhhh, now what do we do with all the pieces
    we have been collecting of ourselves?

  2. It's so awesome how when we begin to stop searching and reaching and lovingly and consistently integrate our seemingly scattered pieces, the ones that actually contain great truths in and beyond how the program attempts to distort them, when not ignored, we co-create and allow an opening where in the simple present flow of brushing our teeth we receieve confirmation we know all there is to know and we are an open vessel for required transmissions to be received as required.
    Wow NOW that's beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

    "Radix Integra!" Whole One rooted in Source!?

    Dish washing we have found to be quite profound as well! lol