Friday, June 18, 2010

Aliens Among Us

I attended the June Evolver Spore of Reality Sandwich, with the subject “Aliens Among Us.” The discussion was lively and spirited, as nearly everyone has strong feelings about this subject.

Close encounters of the First Kind (CE1K) were defined as sightings of a UFO. CE2K constitute physical evidence, and CE3K result in actual contact with extra-terrestrials.

The Evolver Spore moderator posed the interesting question: How should we react if a CE3K indisputably occurs on a global level? One opinion was that such a development would be frightening. This fear point is based on the assumption that any alien contact would be motivated by the intent of subjugating humanity.

H. G. Wells set the tone for such a pessimistic view with his “War of the Worlds.” The planetary battle theme has been repeated in countless science fiction books and films, including the recent blockbuster, “Independence Day.”

We who live on earth identify ourselves as “earthlings.” Originating from earth also necessitates originating from this particular solar system (which, inconveniently, has no name). It is a reasonable assumption that any extra-terrestrials who introduce themselves will NOT be from our own solar system.

Humans experience in their personal lives the planetary conditioning of the solar system. This is an essential principle of astrology, in which the placement of the planets at birth (and thereafter) synchronistically reflects the energetic influences which are also manifesting in the material realm.

According to this perspective, the “inner,” close planets have the most pronounced and immediate effects upon human behavior. One of the most dramatic of those inner planets is Mars, associated with the “god of war,” whose characteristics are violence, passion, aggression and hostility.

Battle and conflict are thus ingrained features of the human psyche because of Mars in this solar system. Yet, such an aggressive and warlike stance is not necessarily consistent with any alien intelligence that may contact us, which would NOT have been subjected to a Martian influence.

In fact, this assumption is a projection of our own violent dispositions. We are a species with a long history of exterminating its own kind for completely selfish and self-righteous reasons. The image of a technically and militarily stronger (though spiritually impoverished) civilization conquering supposedly inferior ones is a pattern that has resulted in the decimation of many indigenous cultures throughout the world.

This archetypal horror and its resulting guilt rankles the conscience of those who have had nothing personally to do with such atrocities, but are nevertheless the descendents of those who did. From this point of view we are the children of monsters, devils incarnate who have devastated the earth for gain and glory, who have destroyed knowledge and wisdom for the sake of perpetuating their ignorance and prejudice.

We assume - perhaps unconsciously, probably inaccurately - that any other civilization must be as inherently cruel and despicable as us.

Hopefully this is not so. But if it were to be, any resulting conquest by aliens would perhaps be

. . . well deserved.

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  1. It has been part of my experience that when we raise our vibrational frequency or are in a more naturally high vibe place, we are able to see some of them. I once perceived in the slipstream state between awake and asleep, what I would guess was a Grey standing outside, by the door of my treehouse quietly listening in, when I lived in Sedona Az. I woke my friend up and said so. The next morning, my neighbor from New Zealand greeted me with a big smile and said, "Hey did you see the Aliens that came to visit last night!? They were checkin' the place out!" It was pretty commonplace there to gaze up at the stars and see really cool stuff. I feel like we all have aspects of our Being that are Cosmic Star Babies and that some of our aspects are always groovin' in our vast Inner- Space. I feel like there are so many loving highly evolved brethren who are with us in ways we are not always able to perceive. And like with us Humans there are those aspects of ourselves that aren't quite as evolved too.
    I appreciate your sharing!
    D.E.E. phone Home....:)