Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Bridge People

The Bridge People

The bridge people are somewhere between what was and what is yet to be. They are separated from the shore, suspended above solid ground, abiding in uncertainty.

They learned that what was asked for would be given. The prayer of their heart wasn’t for things of this world, but rather to find again the long lost love, so dimly remembered. And the prayer was to follow whatever would lead closer to that love, without which life meant nothing.

An open door still needs to be passed through, and this requires leaving where one has been. Many devils held the bridge people in bondage to their comfort and consolation. They pummeled every possible doubt until fear rose like an unassailable terror.

But the devils were unwitting friends. The loss they threatened was salvation in disguise. To become less was to discover something deeper that could not be diminished. And thus the bridge people learned to trust no more in this world, but rather in the Life that creates all worlds.

And now they testify before the Unsleeping Eyes of their thanksgiving. Given what was asked for, they bow in gratitude before the Almighty Love.

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  1. We meet on the bridge and travel in...
    deep appreciation