Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Antichrist

There is a large body of prophetic writing and conjecture about the mysterious person called “Antichrist,” who is supposed to appear in the last days of this world and captivate virtually all of mankind. Contemporary interest in this subject is amply demonstrated by the popularity of the “Left Behind” series of books and films. If Antichrist is actually to come however, it is likely that such popularized depictions do nothing but play into his hands by creating expectations about definite political scenarios to be played out on the world stage.

No matter what people say they “believe in,” the thing they most truly believe in is THEMSELVES, their own sense of identity as a body, as a collection of behaviors, as a history of life circumstances. All of this is temporary and passing, therefore vulnerable to manipulation. Those whose sense of identity is strongly within their own egos are therefore prime candidates to be swept into the realm of Antichrist, regardless of any professions of “faith” that might suggest otherwise.

Jesus said repeatedly that his “kingdom is not of this world,” and that “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” Yet we continue to look to this world for answers and salvation; we want someone to take charge who knows what to do. The American presidential elections are good examples of this.

The transformation of consciousness to which Jesus alluded, and whose approach is indicated by the Mayan calendar, is not a “given.” According to prophetic literature, it is a matter of choosing that which is above rather than that which is below, that which is whole rather than that which is in part, that which is true rather than that which is false. What the Mayan calendar indicates is that the implications of this choice will become increasingly palpable, and that the consequences of making it one way or the other clearer.

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