Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Psychosoma

In his article “Does Consciousness Depend on the Brain?” Chris Carter quotes Schiller, Bergson, and James:

“The brain is not an organ that generates consciousness, but rather an instrument evolved to transmit and limit the processes of consciousness and of conscious attention so as to restrict them to those aspects of the material environment which at any moment are crucial for the terrestrial success of the individual. In that case such phenomena as telepathy and clairvoyance would be merely instances in which some of the limitations were removed.”

The point is well-taken, but seems incomplete. I would suggest that it is not merely the brain which transmits and limits the processes of consciousness and conscious attention, but the entire organism. The human nervous system depends on sensors throughout the body to monitor not only its relationship to its environment, but its own inner functions. Although much of what happens on this level is below the threshold of consciousness per se and occurs autonomously, it nevertheless impacts and affects consciousness.

Moreover, the effort to become more “conscious” takes the form of increased body awareness. Those who are engaged in self-inquiry or therapy may discover impacted emotional nodules, many dating from the first moments of life, lodged in their psychosomatic regions. These also serve to “transmit and limit the processes of consciousness and of conscious attention,” usually in neurotic, conflicted ways. Part of the work of enlightenment, as I see it, is unraveling these knotted complexes of emotional energy within so that they cease defining a person’s awareness along their limited pathways.

Typically such complexes and neuroses operate beneath the surface of our awareness and are fairly invisible until something happens to expose them. The triggering mechanism irritates the complex and makes it irrupt into action. This is usually an unpleasant experience not only for the person with the complex but for anyone else involved, as it represents a breach of immature, regressive patterning into the waking present.

For anyone actively seeking emotional healing or “expansion of consciousness” however, such events present an opportunity for higher-order healing. “You have to feel it to heal it,” the old saw goes, and the feelings that arise when impacted emotional nodules erupt are anything but fun. The typical tendency is to quickly repress them, which is why such nodules remain inaccessible somewhere in the psychosoma.

The higher energies flooding our solar system suggest however, that triggering mechanisms on the planetary and personal scale are going to continue to escalate, forcing both individuals and societies to deal with hidden issues that need to be resolved and healed. Balance and wholeness are needed, and anything that no longer contributes to these must be ejected.

In this process not merely the brain, but the entire psychosomatic organism, will begin to operate from a more rarified state, and its corresponding transmitting and limiting of consciousness will attain a higher level of functionality.


  1. Thanks for writing this blog Dennis. I really appreciate the contemplation of the awakening that is happening from a more holistic perspective.
    I mean duh we are indeed more than our brains!

  2. Thanks for this. The "triggering mechanisms" are escalating, alright! The escalation of Time itself, the rapidly changing status of the physical Planet Earth, and the need to "unravel knotted complexes of emotional energy" (as you put it so well) ... it's full-time work to stay centered and try to take it all in. The acknowledgment of our wounds is full-time work all on its own. Combined with the other work that just has to be done now ... well, it's a "wow!" daily. * Thanks for your post. Helps to feel not so alone in the Transformation.

    “You have to feel it to heal it.” From an astrological perspective, Chiron is on the job in early Pisces to help with the feeling and healing. Uranus has just arrived in Aries to begin a new 84-year trip around the Sun. We're going to need Chiron's soothing touch while Uranus brings its shockwaves. (barest of comment on this facet)