Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vision of Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness infiltrates the planetary field, gently enfolding the globe. The effect is subtle at first, similar to gradually decreasing the density of earth’s atmosphere. All life is affected; every organism throughout the plant and animal kingdom is elevated in awareness to some degree, though local variations occur.

This change in the field of consciousness is experienced as either mild or severe depending on the emotional integrity and mental cohesion of the person affected. Those unprepared for the shift feel discomfort and disorientation, resulting in a broad spectrum of reactions ranging from irritability to intense acting-out of unresolved processes.

On the other hand, people in a state of anticipatory acceptance experience the shift more purposefully and intentionally. Inner attention moves toward the heart region of the central corpus, and mental “noise” begins to clear. Thought ebbs out of the foreground of awareness, becoming less distracting and interruptive.

Such individuals feel a sensation of upward mobility characterized as “letting go.” This is a voluntary relinquishing of attachments to personal identity with their attendant implications - an act that is self-reinforcing since the more whole-heartedly and single-mindedly it is done, the greater the resulting satisfaction and consequent desire to repeat the process.

Some people, due to their prior work with radical self-inquiry and spiritual healing, find themselves comparatively comfortable within the changing field of consciousness. These serve a vital role in helping others navigate the transformational flux, a prospect that is extremely demanding for most – especially those with strong habits of emotional suppression and hardened conceptual viewpoints.

As enlightened beings have always stood out from the crowd, this distinction is likely to be more, rather than less, pervasive at the End of the Age. During previous eras the average person was so far removed from an enlightened state that saints and bodhisattvas were regarded as somewhat distorted replicas of the norm – deformed individuals in whom something called “holiness” resulted from important human components being missing. Such sanctity was often considered not merely impossible for ordinary men, but undesirable.

But in the Last Days unity consciousness will extend beyond a few historical anomalies into the furthest reaches of incarnate awareness. As this gradual but inexorable process unfolds, those able to bear Christ’s divine Light will be detectable through their self-composure, grace and good-humor, being at peace even in the midst of a society in shock. Having become grounded in Truth, they will have nothing to fear – and know it.

This knowledge will effectively make them kings among men in terms of spiritual riches. Yet such royalty will be borne humbly while they busy themselves assisting those struggling to navigate the seas of cosmic awareness. As learning to swim in ordinary water requires overcoming one’s natural fear of drowning through mastering a complex set of non-intuitive skills, so navigating the Deep of unity consciousness will necessitate the development of abilities which - for many people – are at this time still far from functional.


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