Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Blind Man

The sun and moon arose, yet these were the lesser lights. The light of my very life, to which I had made deference all my days, was itself no more than a captive light, bound to a darkness hitherto unperceived.

Awakening began, but to the awareness of blindness.

I discovered I had never yet seen the true Light, and my every step had proceeded from, and proceeded toward, doubt and confusion.

And I understood that, bound within the dark spell of self, I had never yet even prayed - except to that lost persona who had no power to deliver.

Then my heart cried out, "Lord save me!"

For I was without sight or wisdom, wandering in the land of the dead.

Toward the chasm beyond which heaven gleamed I raised the voice of my aching desire, for the faint twinkling of its stars offered the only hope.

"Lord, remember me!" said the voice of my tears.

"Deliver me from this place in which the name of God is utterly unknown."

Then came the hand of the Almighty near, and with a touch taught that the thing which one has been in unknowing, must he become in knowing.

For only those blind who comprehend their blindness desire the light.

And only those lost who comprehend their lostness desire to be found.

This then, is the mystery of Salvation.


  1. The land where the false sense of self is blind leading us blindly...yet through many dangers toils and snares...twas grace that brought us safe thus far...was blind but now see...we have been... bright shining as the sun...we all be... within the veil... life... joy and peace.

    Thanks for the beautiful post. :)