Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Long Climb

We are tired of dead compromises. We ache, in our souls, to close the doors on a story in which there are no winners or victors, only survivors somewhat akin to zombies, creatures so deformed by contact with their darkened surroundings that they have lost all sense of their humanity.

We long to discover the mother-lode of wealth - riches that, though within, remain inaccessible. We yearn to enter the secret trove of treasures which is our natural inheritance and distribute these freely to an impoverished brotherhood of suffering souls.

What a tiring and lonely journey it has been, past wintered scenes of desolation and despair, a seemingly endless trek through shadows immense and threatening. And yet we have trudged on, bolstered by a slender hope enfolded in the heart's recesses.

Until at last, some faint light glimmers, as though through a tear in the very fabric of existence.  Like a stirring breath of spring, a subtle fragrance in the air, it pulls us forward, toward an event horizon where all things change from what they were not into what they are.

Love, Truth, Freedom

A new energy enters our step as we urge our weary selves onward - hoping, hoping, hoping . . .

To enter the real world at last.


  1. I hope I hope I hope that we step in all at once.
    That will be some show of smiles and sparkling souls.
    Count, it is so very good to read you again.
    Much love on this crazy and challenging journey,

  2. Now we be hopping,hopping,hopping,
    infinite consciousness. :)