Friday, May 28, 2010

2012 Living Prophecy

Today's entry is gratis Eden Sky, a researcher into the mysteries of the Maya.  I attended one of her lectures in Portland recently and am passing along her comments about a youtube video that readers here may appreciate: "2012: We are the Living Prophecy."

Count Down


Greetings Sacred Beings!

Happy MOON OF LIBERATION! (May 2 - May 29)
This is the cycle to let go, dissolve, breakthrough, release, shake it up, welcome creative chaos, let go of form and plans and rigidity and surrender to the universe splattering all the details around in total non-linearity!

The wisdom of Spectral Tone 11 says: "Let us free our self! Let us open and expand to forgive the old - meet the new - and surrender to the spectrum of our eternally evolving being!"

I too am ever-liberating and growing in these times! I finally generated my very first Youtube video! It is called "2012: We Are The Living Prophecy!" Please check it out and share it with anyone you think might be interested. Feel free to share your feedback - it is always lovely to hear back from you!

Many Blessings to all of you - May we sink the roots of trust deep into the soul of our hearts and find calm, joy and compassionate care for All of Life.

In Lak'ech - I am Another Yourself,
Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker

PS: We are now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming calendar! The cover of the new calendar is attached to this message. Details are here:


  1. Well forget about perfect 'time'ing maybe even go beyond synergy and synchronicity...may we not shrink back from the radiance we have been given and are being lead by, but sink the deep roots of trust in to be moved forward and leap!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Count! This is AWESOME!
    I have been having a field day decoding birthdays. And sure appreciate the liberation moon heads up! One more good reason to be naked nudies in the summertime!