Saturday, February 6, 2010


Peter Pan remained a child because he had lost his shadow. Without his shadow something was missing, some important information about who he was and how he fit into the world of substance. Without a shadow he could not grow up.

Under certain circumstances a person might appear to have several shadows, such as when walking under a set of street lamps in the night. From whatever source light is coming, there is the side of us that is illumined and a side that casts a shadow – a side that remains out of sight.

In terms of the psyche, this shadow side is most often unconscious to its owner. Yet it still influences events. Indeed, being unrecognized and unmonitored, it can have a tremendous effect, yet remain incognito. A person feels at the mercy of powerful but incomprehensible forces.

Like Peter Pan, the child within us is in search of its shadow because it knows it needs to grow up.  It wants to expose this seeming monster, which is really nothing other than the unseen dimensions of its own self, to the light. It craves to become fully consciousness in order to be free of the fear of an “other” that doesn’t really exist as a separate entity.

As the process of individuation progresses, the shadows that had formerly been invisible (until they fomented some crisis, at least) begin gradually to grow more opaque. They can be felt and even seen to some degree.

Wendy sews the shadow to Peter's toes and it becomes part of him, reflecting his place in the world of beings. Its ability to create havoc is contained.

When this connecting, this embracing of the shadow happens, we can make conscious choices about its influence in our lives.

And we begin to understand that the shadow is not merely ours,

but us.


  1. YES.

    Integration work.

    Embrace that shadow.

    The mere act of shining light precipitates transformation. Fungus can only grow in the dark, and the plants that can reach for the sky need light.

    Also though: lack of a shadow, and childhood reminds me of innocence. Perhaps when we are innocent, we don't truly have a "shadow side"? Perhaps we, instead, just experience our "energies in motion" and let them go, before they solidify into a shadow side at all?

    Thanks for giving my mental body something useful to contemplate today, so that it quits meddling the way it's wont to do ;-)

  2. Thank God we all have a Wise Wendy Darling in us too, darn that girl can sew! I'm searching for the lost boys and feeling my Captain Hook these days!

    Thanks for the Piccaninny Post!

  3. <3 <3 <3 <3

    (psssst...pretend their chocolate)