Monday, July 20, 2009


I am learning it is possible to not live in fear, to not expect the doom of loss.

I am learning it is possible to trust.

What is the worst that could happen? Well, it's already happened.

You weren't loved unconditionally.

But . . . no one ever HAS been! We are all in the same boat, searching for someone who has the ability to love us unconditionally.

Yet, no one can. No one outside can provide what can only come from inside.

Once we get that, the sense of fear diminishes and the desperate need to find security in this world eases.

And one day you realize . . . it's over.

The seeking for safety, for that mythicial longlasting superhuman affection from some other body is over.

Then Trust comes forward.

You look inside and ask, what has been there all along?

SOMETHING has been, and something still is. Something that has NEVER abandoned you.

Do you feel it? Of course you do. So . . . trust that.

Be with it. Surrender to it.

Love it, and let it love you in return.


  1. CD, This post is such a beautiful testament of our shared Inner Presence... even my fingers are too choked up to elaborate in this moment :)

  2. CONFIRMATION... that brilliant Truth is blooming from within. Beautiful to witness that birth! ( in me too!)